zondag 1 december 2013

Ins and Outs #1

I love it when People write Ins and outs and I’m delighted to share mine.


The holidays are coming: As soon as Starbucks starts serving their lovely drinks in the happy red cups I know Christmas is around the corner. We are putting up the christmastree today and I’m pondering over whether to buy more Christmas decoration for the rest of the house. I might even endeavor in some home craft.

Winter food: It’s getting colder and we can all indulge in caramel hot chocolate , cookies, a nice stew, the list goes on and on.  I love cooking, especially in the winter
My Birthday: It’s my birthday on the 8th,  a day I love to spend with my loved ones. This year I decided to invite everybody over to my place and have a high tea. It’s going to be a busy weekend. We’ll have family over on Friday and Sunday and on Saturday we’re going to a wedding.

Reading: I just finished the fifty shades of grey trilogy and started in the Marriage Bargain. I have been a little obsessed with erotic novels. The funny thing is  I don’t even like the erotic part.I like the story behind Mr Grey. Cut away the red room of pain and you have a nice love story. 


Cleaning and organizing: I’m trying to find a way to persuade myself to keep everything clean and organized but it’s harder than I thought. I’m not a neat person so it’s hard to change but I’m motivated to try harder.

I can’t think of any other outs.
My question for you: What are you reading at the moment?


vrijdag 29 november 2013

25 facts about me

  1. I have a boyfriend who drives me crazy and I Love him to pieces. He’s the only one who never fails to make me laugh.
  2. I cry very easily at sentimental things.  Something sad on TV, a book, a YouTube marriage proposal… I will tear up and most likely start to cry.  
  3. I look forward to the moment that I’ll start my own family and become a mum.  I think about what it would be like almost every day.
  4. My favorite song ever is Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson. The name of my blog is obviously inspired by this song.
  5. I have a sister, she is 4 years younger than me  and we are best friends.
  6. I’m obsessed with the vlog of April and Justin TV and The vitals. It’s the highlight of my morning.
  7. Lately I have been loving eating broccoli. I prefer to eat it covered in cheese sauce.
  8. I wish I had more clothes but have difficulties finding stuff I like.
  9. I love cake and Tea.
  10. My favorite flowers are orchids and lilies.
  11. I have a few frames on display which are waiting to be filled with pictures.
  12. I’m not an organized person but I wish I was.
  13. I love burning candles .
  14. My Starbucks order is a caramel hot chocolate with extra caramel topping.
  15. I’m very insecure.
  16. I love eating bread and pasta.
  17. I’m a big scaredy cat. I can’t do scary movies, I hate walking down an empty street and I love the idea that my dog will chase away anything scary at home.
  18. Pinterest = lovelovelove.
  19. I hate it when people are rude and have no manners.
  20. I don’t like plain milk.
  21. I love sleeping in freshly washed sheets.
  22. Gerard butler is my favorite actor.
  23. I love wearing dresses but mostly wear jeans.
  24. I have a cat named Blues and a dog named Nala.
  25. I work in a store called Massimo Dutti and I love it.
A question for you: tell me one fact about you.
Xx Annelies 

donderdag 28 november 2013

Well hello there,

Nice to meet you, my name is Annelies. I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while but I had difficulties pinning down the “theme”. I decided that I’m going to write about me, the girl in the mirror.  This blog is going to be a place where I hope to inspire and  be inspired

So here I am, writing, nervous to share my passion to whoever’s Interested to read my scribbles. I will write about the things I love ( cooking and baking), things I want to try ( DIY and OOTD) and things that I want to achieve ( cleaning PRO ).
I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I’ll have sharing the good, and even some of  the bad of my little life.